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E-na your online presence in Japan

 We offer you an efficient support to expand your company operations to the Japanese market.

 E-na provides you suitable Internet Marketing Solutions adapted to the Japanese environment.

 Based in Osaka, the second biggest japanese city, E-na has a strong experience in Web Services (development, systems, design) added to the wide range of partners disseminated in the different regions of the country.

 Our solutions will be the excellent bridge between your business and the Japanese market.

Start a new experience

 Japan is the center of new trends and creativity. It is a promising market, with a scale ranking near the top of developed countries.

 Japan's strong technology-based environment offers a lot of opportunities for foreign companies looking for partnership with Japanese firms at all stages. Partnerships with Japanese ventures are known to be ones of loyalty and commitment. Such relationships provide company stability in the long-term.

 Japan's attractiveness as an investment destination is increasing, as the government works to improve the business environment.

Open new ways

 Japanese consumers are early consumers and move fast to stay on the cutting edge of the latest technologies. The East Asian market continues to grow at an astonishing pace and economic integration in the region continue to increase. As East Asia grows, economies are becoming more service-oriented.

 Japan has the world's fastest and most cost-effective broadband environment and is rapidly moving towards becoming a true ubiquitous society.

 Your affiliation with E-na will give a smooth access to these growing markets.

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